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With gas prices as high as they are, many drivers around the Parkville area and beyond are searching for ways to boost their gas mileage. The good news is that you made a good decision to buy a Volkswagen car, as the automaker is known for manufacturing fuel-efficient vehicles.

In addition, getting regular Volkswagen service at Heritage Volkswagen Parkville can boost your gas mileage. Here’s why that’s the case.  

Oil Changes 

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine, and it needs to be changed regularly. Old oil doesn’t do as good as a job lubricating all the tiny moving parts in an engine, and as a result, your engine won’t run as efficiently as it should, costing you at the pump.  

Tire Checks 

If your tires aren’t properly inflated, the vehicle has to work harder in order to reach speed and maintain control on the road. You’ll find the recommended tire PSI on the inside of your driver’s side door, and you can have our mechanics take care of the maintenance at our Volkswagen tire center.  

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

The role of the oxygen sensor is to monitor the exhaust flow before after the catalytic converter. If the exhaust flow cannot be properly read, then the engine and regulation of fuel injection become affected. Your check engine light will likely illuminate if you have issues with your oxygen sensor.  

Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement

The mass air flow sensor measures air flow into the engine and prompts the onboard vehicle computer to regulate fuel injection. If the sensor becomes dirty or damaged, the readings become inaccurate and fuel economy suffers.  

Schedule Volkswagen service today at Heritage Volkswagen Parkville.  

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