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An oil change is one of the most important types of regular maintenance you can get done on your Volkswagen car. Proactively changing your car’s oil and filter will help its engine to work at its best and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Even if you have been driving less often than normal, oil changes are still necessary, as old oil that sits in your engine accumulates grime and dirt, rendering your engine less effective.

Schedule an oil change service today in our Volkswagen service center. Here are the top five reasons to do so!

  1. Cools engine components: Moving parts in a car’s engine that lack proper lubrication create friction, which in turn, create heat. To avoid an overheated engine, it's important to keep fresh oil in your engine.  
  2. Lubricates the engine: Without fresh oil providing proper lubrication, all the parts in your engine will wear down much faster, sometimes necessitating costly repairs. 
  3. Improves fuel efficiency: Poor engine lubrication can lead to increased fuel consumption, which means that you’ll be spending more money at the pump filling up the tank.  
  4. Promotes vehicle longevity: Routine maintenance such as oil changes makes your Volkswagen car last longer. Build-up from dirty oil harms the engine’s power and makes your internal vehicle components work harder to achieve the same results. An engine that doesn’t work properly will lead to further maintenance issues.  
  5. Removes engine sludge and dirt: If you do not change your oil, dirt and sludge will build up in the engine, causing your engine to work harder and less effective. It may also cause corrosion. Routine oil and filter changes help to remove these harmful particles.  

Schedule your oil change today with our expert Volkswagen mechanics at Heritage Volkswagen Parkville.  

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