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Here at Heritage Volkswagen Parkville, we like to treat every month like it’s National Car Care Month, especially with a Volkswagen service department as talented and respected as ours, but the truth is that April is the month lucky enough to receive this official designation.

What does that mean for our customers? Well, it’s a great time to give some attention to some of the most commonly-overlooked maintenance items. 

Service Items to Consider During National Car Care Month 

What are the sorts of things a driver could have worked on this month? Here are a few of the most common: 

  • Tire rotation 
  • Tire inspection and replacement, if necessary 
  • Brake inspection and rotor replacement, if necessary 
  • Battery inspection and replacement, if necessary 
  • New windshield wipers 
  • Fluid top-offs or flushes 
  • Belt and hose inspects and replacement, if necessary 
  • Oil and filter change 

While it’s not likely that most Baltimore, MD drivers will take care of all these items during the month of April, it’s our hope that National Car Care Month will draw your attention to at least one thing that you’ve put off for much too long and would now like to address. 

VW Service at Heritage Volkswagen Parkville

If you’re due for service, including any of the aforementioned items, give us a call or use our online service scheduler sometime this month. There’s never a bad time to take better care of your Volkswagen vehicle, but National Car Care Month is as good a time as any to handle those things you’ve been putting off for much longer than you intended to! 

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